Services Provided

Panelmet Consulting, LLC provides a unique combination of construction industry consulting services, and matches them with extensive industry and employee training programs including live presentations and online learning.  


We provide a wide range of consulting services for construction product manufacturers, contractors and architects/engineers. Our consulting services are available for short or long-term commitments and concentrate on the following areas:

  • Sales and Marketing
  • Business Development
  • Technical/Environmental
  • Management and Staffing
  • Installation/Forensics
  • Customer Excellence

Our mission is to help improve the construction industry by offering comprehensive consulting services to ensure best practices among the various stakeholders in the industry.  

We work with our strategic partners for specific expertise when required to be able to offer our clients industry leading consulting services.    


We implement our consulting recommendations by the use of extensive employee and customer training programs. These programs can be generic, such as technical programs involving building science or codes, or specific involving product knowledge and/or competitive offerings.

We develop live presentations, webinar and online training content to address various constituencies including AIA continuing education programs, online "universities" for product manufacturers and installation training for field personnel.  


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