We believe that technically competent sales, technical and customer support teams are vital to adding value and creating differentiation in the marketplace. In support of this mission, we offer a wide range of training services including live presentations, webinars, and e-learning on a variety of construction industry topics. 

Business Development

  • For building product manufacturers, it is critical to create demand by supporting architects, engineers, consultants and owners in solving their design challenges. Our business development training is geared towards how to address these vital stakeholders by becoming trusted advisors with the desired result of being listed as basis of design in project specifications.
  • We help organizations with the training necessary to create powerful business development teams, providing the critical link to design professionals at project inception and schematic design through construction document phases. We integrate these efforts with sales and marketing to create a top-down and bottom-up approach aligned to the needs of the construction industry marketplace.

Sales and Marketing

  • Hiring, training and establishing an effective sales team for building product manufacturers is an ongoing challenge. Today's sales teams need a wealth of skills to be highly effective including sales techniques, time and territory management, CRM training and general industry knowledge. In addition, they need training on product and competitor knowledge, technical, environmental and building codes. Panelmet has a wealth of experience in these areas and can create both live and online training programs to address your company's sales needs.
  • Creating the proper marketing materials that are technically accurate, visually appealing  and targeted to the desired audience is critical to augmenting sales and business development efforts. Panelmet thrives at the intersection of sales, marketing and technical, combining knowledge of all three disciplines to create a powerful image for your business. 


  • Building product manufacturers are judged by both contractors and design professionals in how they respond to technical inquiries. Speed, accuracy and clarity are critical to addressing these queries and form an indelible impression of how your company is viewed by potential clients. Let us help train your organization on how best to respond to these inquiries and to develop a wide variety of easy-to-understand technical documentation.
  • Sustainability is becoming a larger part of product selection in construction. We can assist you in navigating the complexities of Life Cycle Assessments (LCAs), Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) and Health Product Declarations (HPDs).


  • Organizational development is key to optimizing any business. Do you have the right people in the right places within your organization? Have you invested in developing your leadership? Does your company have an active mentoring program? What are you doing to protect your business's intellectual capital? Panelmet can help address these issues and allow you to create a powerful organization with true business alignment.    

Customer Experience

  • Customer Experience is the new buzzword for customer service. From first contact through last, every member of your organization has a part to play in how you are viewed by your clients. Creating the proper culture, establishing a well understood mission statement and developing efficient systems and processes are all keys to a positive customer experience. Panelmet and our partners are ready to assist with improving your customers' experiences.

Product Installation 

  • We develop product specific installation training programs to help manufacturers reduce the risks associated with improper installation. For manufacturers, quality installation is one of the most important items in developing brand loyalty among contractors as well as product specifiers in the architectural and engineering community.
  • Our programs are based on the manufacturer's approved product details in conjunction with industry standard techniques. We develop full color installation guides in conjunction with animated videos.

Here's what some of our clients have to say about Panelmet's training courses...

"This was a fantastic course! I learned a massive amount about my own body language as well as the people I deal with most on a daily basis."   Andrew W.

"Another great job! I really enjoyed this training and believe I really can use this on the job. Again great training class!"   Matt U.

"Professionally done and very interactive."   Doug M.

"Excellent course, Paul. Very interesting from the start, great job getting us to participate."   Andrew T. 

"The course is well written, well thought out and presented in such a manner that the audience is captivated by the simplicity and in some cases common sense of the presentation. I have benefited greatly from taking part in this class."   Eric C.


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